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Keywords Research Tools, Google Insight, Google Trends, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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489 - F, Gulshan Ravi, Lahore

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SEO, PPC, GoogleAnalytics, Social Media, Custom Course, Google Certifications, Essential IT skills.


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Virtual Assistant

This course is for those who are students or freelancers who have not any investment but they have a passion to learn new skills and provide services to their clients. In this course, YOU can learn about how to manage a seller central account and how to rank your client’s product from scratch and build an empire. YOU will learn which services a Virtual Assistant can provide.

What YOU learn in this course


Product Hunting
FBA Wholesale
Private Label

Listing Creation
FBA Wholesale
Private Label

Handle listing issues

FBA Wholesale
Private Label

Content writing
Sourcing and Supplier Hunting
FBA Wholesale
Private Label

Inventory management
Handle FBM Orders
Handle Buyer Complaints
Account Health Issues
Find and resolve customer support issues
How to avoid late shipments and cancelation rate
Reports Management
Shipment creation
Order Management
PPC Optimization
PL Product Launching Strategies (Promotions, Coupons)
Listing promotion (How to find honest clients VIA social media or freelancing websites)
How to handle Daraz account, eBay account
Freelancing (How to create gigs, send proposals)

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