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our pay in keeping with click training application is perfect for folks that are interested in gaining in-intensity expertise in paid search engine marketing practices. this schooling route offers an in-depth and sensible technique to developing, structuring, and coping with a successful and value-powerful seek engine marketing advertising campaign. our % education course mainly focuses on the pinnacle 3 search engines like google – google, yahoo, and Bing (MSN). this schooling software will cowl all the realistic aspects of Google AdWords, targeting high-quality practices for AdWords marketing campaign structure, keyword choice, advert role preferences, and creative optimization.

due to the rising call for pay-per-click entrepreneurs across the globe, skilled % professionals can find the money for the posh to pick and select their jobs. one can also use these abilities to start their own entrepreneurial begin-u.s.which can be incredibly worthwhile.

Our Pay Per Click training course will help you to

  • Assess various options available in paid search marketing
  • Structure your Pay Per Click campaigns targeting your niche
  • Choosing your target keywords using software or online tools
  • Create & optimize Google AdWords campaigns
  • Set up advanced strategies in Google AdWords
  • Landing page optimization to maximize revenues
  • Assess cost-effectiveness of your Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Create effective Pay Per Click ads
Course Fee: Rs. 12,000


We cover each and every aspect of Pay Per Click Marketing which are listed below.

  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
  • History of PPC
  • Online vs Offline Marketing
  • How does PPC work?
  • Evolution of PPC
  • Google AdWords
  • Importance & Benefits of PPC
  • Basics of PPC
  • Yahoo Search Marketing


  • What is Keyword Research?
  • Importance of targeted keywords
  • Keywords popularity & Search Volume
  • What is bidding?
  • How to increase position on search?
  • Importance of bidding techniques
  • The difference between SEO & PPC keywords
  • Selecting targeted / related keywords
  • Categorizing keywords in Ad Groups
  • What is Quality Score?
  • Bid Management
  • Competitive Analysis for bidding
  • Researching for PPC keywords
  • Analyzing competition keywords
  • PPC keywords tools and resources
  • Effect of Quality Score on bidding?
  • User-Defined bids and Automatic Bids

  • Google Adwords Account Structure
  • Language Targeting
  • Budget Management
  • Using Multiple Account
  • PPC Campaign Structure
  • Device Targeting
  • ROI Management
  • Using My Client Center (MCC)
  • Location Targeting
  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Tracking


  • Create Effective Ads
  • Example of Effective ads
  • Ad Group Monitoring
  • Google Adwords Editor
  • Measurement of Title, Description, URL
  • Features of ads
  • Google Adwords Tool
  • Ad copy testing
  • Ad Group Creation
  • Keywords Spy


  • Campaign Performance Reports
  • Keywords Performance Reports
  • Ad group Performance Reports
  • Ads Performance Reports
  • Day Parts Reports
  • Traffic Reports

Course Info

Course Duration:

6 Weeks

Class Days:


Class Time:

Depends on available Slot

Class Duration:

1 - 1.5 Hour

Recommended For:

Beginners/Professionals/Career Seekers

Course Online Available:



Google Adwords, Google Analytics

Certificate Course:



489 - F, Gulshan Ravi, Lahore

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